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Never run out of things to say on social media again

March 01, 20231 min read

More! More!

Social media is demanding isn’t it?
It wants, it NEEDS, new content from you EVERY DAY! 

There you are dredging every corner of your brain. It’s like hunting for pennies down the back of the sofa.

You've got so much to say on social media


But you don’t need to do that.
Yes, really.

As the published author of a non-fiction book, you’ve got all the social media posts you’ll ever need.

You do know that, don’t you?
Hell, you’ve got content FOR YEARS!

You have put all your love, knowledge, and expertise into that rectangular collection of paper.
You invested months (maybe years) condensing your awesomeness into a format that will inspire, inform, and teach your readers valuable stuff to make shit easier for them.

So now you’ve got all you need to share online.

Inside your book are all the social media posts you will ever need to create.
You’ve already done the super heavy lifting!

It’s just a case of stripping it down, making it into text, images and videos and voila! Your vault of evergreen social media content.

Content that will gently remind people of your status as a published business author. A ninja in your field of expertise. A level above the rest. Which is why they need to buy you, not your competition. 

NEVER have to wonder what to say on social media again!

And if turning your book into a vault of social content feels like a job that is outside of your skills and you just don’t have time, get in touch. That’s what I do!

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