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Your nonfiction book can make the ULTIMATE comeback!

January 15, 20243 min read

Every successful piece of nonfiction should leave the reader with one provocative thought that he or she didn’t have before. Not two thoughts, or five – just one. So decide what single point you want to leave in the reader’s mind. - William Zinsser

Has it gone quiet on the book front? You don’t talk about it and feel like it’s time has passed.

Well, let me tell you…

Relaunching your book is absolutely a great thing to do for the right reasons.

One of my author clients hosted a hugely successful launch for her incredible book, when it was originally released, and hit bestseller. Then decided to niche her audience even more.

A year later, the book had been rewritten specifically for the new niche, and BAM! Another successful launch and bestseller once again.

Since then she has been unstoppable!

The Big Do-Over: Why Relaunch Your Book?

Think of your relaunch as not just a second chance but a whole new stage for your book to shine.

📚 Fresh Content for the Win: Updating your book is like refreshing your favorite playlist – essential to keep it resonating with current times.

📚 New Faces, New Places: Missed your target audience the first time? A relaunch is your golden ticket to reach new readers far and wide.

📚 Celebrate Good Times: An anniversary of your business or the book’s publication date is a perfect excuse for a book party, aka your relaunch.

📚 Star Power: New endorsements? Show them off! They're like the VIP guests at your book's relaunch party.

📚 Feedback is Gold: Implementing reader feedback could make it even better and show how committed you are to helping others.

📚 Right Place, Right Time: If your book was ahead of its time, now might be the moment for its spotlight.

📚 More Formats, More Fun: Bringing your book out in new formats (like audiobooks or eBooks) can attract a whole new crowd.

📚 Cross-Promotion Cleverness: Linking a relaunch with a new project can create a buzz that benefits both.

📚 Marketing Magic: Perhaps your first marketing attempt was a bit off-key. This time, make it sing!

📚 Hello World!: You've made new friends across the internet since it came out. Do they know it exists? I bet they don't know it exists.

The Power of a New Look:

The secret weapons of your relaunch: the book cover and back cover blurb.

  • A Stunning New Cover: People do judge books by their covers. A fresh, eye-catching cover that fits it’s genre can stop potential readers in their tracks and spark curiosity. It's like giving your book a fabulous new outfit for its second debut.

  • Back Cover Blurb Revamp: The back cover blurb is your elevator pitch to the world. Sharpening it can transform a maybe into a must-read. It's all about capturing the essence of your book in a few compelling sentences that make readers think, "This is exactly what I've been looking for!"

Social Media: Your Not-So-Secret Weapon

In the world of social media, it's not just about laughs and likes; it's about connecting with your audience in a meaningful way.

  • Teasers That Tempt: Share highlights that pique curiosity and showcase the essence of your book.

  • Real Talk: Share your author journey, the process of updating your book, and the excitement of the relaunch.

  • Influencer Insight: Partner with influencers who align with your book's theme for genuine endorsements.

  • Behind-the-Scenes: Offer glimpses into your author's life, showing the person behind the book.

  • Roll Out Your Street Team: This is your inner circle of peeps who are going to support your launch and help spread the word online.

Relaunching your book is more than a do-over; it's a powerful opportunity to reintroduce your expertise with a fresh, captivating presentation. It's about making your book not just remembered but relished for years to come.

Ready to flip the script and give your book the comeback it deserves? Let’s chat!

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